Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
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Pool Blaster (Pool Buster) Line

Purchasing Information

Q .) What accessories or parts do I have to buy?
A.)  None. 
        Everything is included (*  Rechargeable, 5-Year Battery w/Quick-Connect Plug *  Long life, Fast (1 Hr.) Recharger  *  Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor (40-60 gals/min)  *  On-Board Debris Catcher with Reusable, All-Purpose Filter *  Built-In Hanging, Storage Notch  *  Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector  *  Easy-Grip Handle For Step, Stair & Surface Cleaning   *  Clip-on Wheels For Concrete & Gunite Pool  *  Clip-On Brushes For Vinyl-Lined Pools*  Wide Diameter (1") Spot-Cleaning Nozzle  *  Dent proof, Ding proof, Fade proof  Lightweight Body.)                                    

Comparison Information

Q .) What makes the Pool Blaster different from other pool cleaners?
A .) It :
       (1) Is far more affordable than any other legitimate pool cleaner;
       (2) Much easier to use,  just hit the button and use;
       (3) Requires No installation;
       (4) Uses NO ENERGY to operate whatsoever;
       (5)  It requires virtually no maintenance ever;
       (6) Is the only pool cleaner that can clean not only the floor and walls, but corners, in and around      ladders, drains, steps and areas of the pool other cleaners almost always miss, or simply cannot reach, etc., etc. etc.
Q.)  Isn't an automatic pool cleaner faster and easier to use?
A.)   No on both counts.   All an automatic cleaner does better is that it works by itself.  But more often than not, it covers areas of the pool that are not even dirty.  Yet, no automatic cleaner can reach corners, in and around ladders, rarely cover steps and stairs, and quickly pass over drains.  They also require set up and removal time.    In actual time spent from beginning to end, the Pool Blaster is the world's fastest and easiest to use pool cleaner. 

Q.) Why should I pay $200 or more for a Pool Blaster when I can get an automatic cleaner for the same amount, or
        even less?

A There are three types of so-called "automatic pool cleaners. (1) Suction-side that attach to your suction or skimmer line and are simply extended vacuum heads;  (2) Pressure-side that use energy-eating booster pumps and/or attach to the return line of your pool pump and filter; and, (3) Robotic cleaners use electricity.    The latter two are far more expensive than a Pool Blaster, and do not cover your entire pool.  You can find a suction side cleaner, like an Aquabug for less than a Pool Blaster, but they must be left in the pool, along with their obtrusive hoses, or must be installed every time you need to clean your pool.   They do not brush or scrub and miss more areas of the pool than they get to.   Most professionals consider suction side cleaners ineffective and pressure side cleaners not much better, and much more expensive.  Robotic cleaners are by far the best automatic cleaners.  Yet they cost from $700 to over $2,000, and still cannot compare with the coverage and efficiency of a Pool Blaster.

Operation Information                  

Q .) How long will it take to recharge a Pool Blaster?
A .) On average, after the battery is fully depleted, about an hour.

Q ) How long will the Pool Blaster run on a full charge?
A.) About 1 hour.

Q.) Do I have to use my Pool Blaster for the full hour?
A.) No, you can run your Pool Buster for as long as you like, from one minute to sixty minutes

Q.) How long does the battery last?
A .)It is rated at 1,000 hours, or about five years using it as frequently as 200 hours a year, more often than most pool owners will ever use it.

Q.) Can I buy a new battery?  If so, how much does it cost?
A.)  You must purchase a battery motor box, which contains a battery, but you probably will not need one for about five years.  At  present we charge $79 for the motor box, but anticipate by the time you will need one, the price is likely to be reduced to about $25.

Q.) How difficult is it to clean and replace the filter bag?
A.) It's a snap.  It should only take you a minute or two

Q.) How much debris will the filter bag hold
A .)Unless your pool has been totally neglected, it should hold enough to clean the entire pool without emptying.

Q.) How long will a filter bag last?
A.) Probably as long as a battery, about five years.

Q.) How often should I clean our my Pool Blaster Filter bag?
A.) You can clean your filter bag as often as you like. The filter bag can then be turned inside out and rinsed with a hose, or

Q. How much debris will the filter bag hold?
A: It will clean an entire pool without emptying out the filter bag.

Q: Are there any hoses?
A: There are no hoses, the Pool Blaster is battery operated and completely self contained.


Customer Service Information

Q: What do I do if my Pool Buster has stopped taking a charge?
A: You can call the Water Tech Customer Service Department at (800) 298-8800, Extension 126 for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number for a repair, or for faster service if your unit is out of warranty you can order a replacement motor box at this link for parts.

Q: Fine sand and silt is passing through my all-purpose filter bag, what can I do?
A: You can obtain a finer, 10 micron sand & silt (algae bag) at this
link for parts.

NOTE: Up to a 50% greater vacuuming suction has been achieved with the Pool Buster by removing the brushes and installing the wheels in the vacuum head. This creates a lower suction point closer to the pool floor, thus increasing the suction considerably. Pool Buster wheels are intended to be used in vinyl liner pools as well as other pool surfaces and will not harm your pool.

Model Comparison Information

Q.) What is the difference between the Pool Blaster, the Pool Blaster Max and the Pool Blaster CG?
A.) There are only two models, not three.  The Pool Blaster is the general name for the product.  The Pool Blaster Max is the original Pool Blaster.  Some dealers put their own labels on the Pool Blaster, like "XL,"  unless it is labeled a Pool Blaster Max CG, it is a standard Pool Blaster.  EVERY Pool Blaster comes with the standard system component sand accessories referred to in A 2., above.   The Pool Blaster Max will filter about 40 gallons per hour and comes with an All-Purpose Filter bag, good enough to filter out virtually all medium to large pool debris, like leaves and twigs.  The new and improved Pool Blaster Max CG was designed as a commercial grade Pool Blaster, but has become enormously popular with all pool owners.  It has up to 1/3 more filtering power, heavy-duty, rust and corrosive-resistant internal components, charges even faster.  Since we estimate the life of a Pool Blaster is at least 10 years, we strongly recommend the CG for all customers, as this works out to only about $10 a year to have the best model. We have feature the Gold Edition, CG, packed with over $80 worth with accessories.


Blue (Blue Pearl and Blue Diamond) Line

Purchasing Information

Q.) Are there any accessories to purchase?
Everything you need comes with it,. however many customers decided to purchase an extra filter bag.

Model Comparison Information

Q.) How many models of Blue Diamond are there?
A.) There are two residential models (Blue Diamond standard and Blue Diamond Remote control) and one commercial model (Blue Diamond Pro).  In 2006 Water Tech is introducing the Baby Blue Diamond, the new Blue Pearl. It is more affordable, with slightly less speed (3 hour cleaning), but actually has a few features not found on its big brothers, like zero gravity and obstacle  sensors.

Operation Information    

Q.) How long does it take to clean the pool?
A.) Depends on the model: Blue Diamond and Blue Diamond Remote: 1 hour; Blue Pearl: 1-3 hours; Blue Diamond Pro: 4 hours.

Q.) Is my pool completely cleaned?
A ) Pre programmed computer guidance system, completely covers your entire pool (walls, floors and most steps) in a single hour.

Q.) How do I use it?
A.) Just drop in the water, plug the transformer into an outlet and push a button to turn it on. It shuts off by itself and is completely independent.

Q.) What are the PVA brushes?
A.) Polyvinylalcohol was invented in Japan and when use on our brushes, provide traction and ability to climb on any pool surface.They are far more delicate on the pool surface than the rubber brushes used on man other cleaners.

Q.) What does it remove?
A.) Bacteria, pollen, dirt, sand, acorns, twigs, small and large leaves and even scrubs the water line dirt.

                                            Customer Service Information

Q.) How do I get service ?

A.) Either call 800-298-8800,or email the service manager at